• Console repairs

We have been offering computer repair services for over 15 years, we also have an e-shop on eBay where you can purchase our products at discounted prices:

Visit our eBay Shop

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We carry out competitive priced repairs on all common console faults

you can trust us with your equipment as we take every care to provide an excellent customer service experience every time

various common problems include:

  • xbox 360 ring led faults
  • faulty graphics or freezing images on screen
  • console not reading discs anymore
  • controller no longer working
  • freezing gameplay
  • internet connectivity issues

Handheld consoles can suffer from damaged screens, water damage, control pad no longer responsive, damaged plastics. These are the most common problems with handheld consoles since they do get knocked about.

We can supply protective cases for a wide variety of Handheld consoles, just ask for details.

We can help with a variety of console related issues ranging from replacing broken LCD screens to data recovery from on board storage devices. We can also offer a home installation service if you are having trouble setting up your new console, for this service we only charge a call out fee.

We can also repair almost all common problems with all past and present games consoles, right back to the atari 2600 and beyond!

we take every care to respect your property and your personal data while it is with us. We ensure that there is no breach of the Data Protection Act and our Privacy Policy.

in all cases we do not take any responsibility for loss of data.

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