How to’s

Here I will provide helpful hints and tips to anyone who is interested!

helpful links are below:

For a how to guide on just about every piece of tech, head over to: ifixit I can’t thank these guys enough for helping me fix loads of stuff using their very helpful detailed how to guides.
They also have an awesome parts store where you can buy loads of hard to find parts for your repair project.

For bootdisks a great site is here: bootdisks This website helped me install DOS and boot up loads of old retro laptops over the years when the only drive available is a FDD! the files also helped me fix various hdd issues relating to corrupt data, this can be common on very old systems. And especially common when the data is stored on floppy disks! This is why I’ve backed up most of the floppies onto backup hard drives, flash drives, cloud drives and DVDR’s, just to be on the safe side!

If you are feeling adventurous and want to modify your bios then head over here: bios-mods using their guides and firmware mods, I was able to remove the black lisk of wifi cards from one of my Lenovo T60 laptops, now I can use any wifi card and the system won’t produce the fatal beep error at start up!

For everything Android related head over here: xda-developers This forum is a fantastic source of info for anyone wanting to mod their android device, install a custom boot-loader, install a custom firmware? no problem! it’s all here! Using the info I found here I was able to install a custom Android firmware on a Kindle Fire! It was miles better than the restricted firmware which comes as standard on the kindle fire.

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